Professor Kim Nando to write SHINee’s comeback song!

Professor Kim Nando of the best selling novel, ‘It Hurts Because It’s the Youth‘, has revealed that he is penning the lyrics for SHINee‘s comeback album!

Late December, the professor wrote on his Twitter, “To update you on my recent whereabouts, I’m currently ripping my hair out over writing the lyrics for SHINee’s new song. I’m also preparing a book titled ‘Trend China‘ as well as the release of ‘Youth’ in China, so I’m trying to pick up on the language while I’m at it. In addition, I’ve begun writing essays for the middle aged.”

Professor Kim Nando is a professor of Domestic Science at Seoul University. His best selling book is a message of consolation to anyone in the current generation that is finding trouble discovering their future. In an industry filled with hook songs and meaningless, repetitive lyrics, netizens are hoping that he’ll be able to give some fresh air with his wisdom.

Netizens commented, “Looking forward to SHINee’s track now,” “I feel so assured of SHINee’s comeback now,” “I hope that his lyrics can ring a new bell in the industry,”and “Anticipating it, Professor!”

Rumor has it that SHINee will be making a Korean comeback in early 2012.

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120113 Key Mobile Update

Everyone, good day.
It’s 2012’s first batter [1] Key.
I’m glad to be first to write.

This photo was photo was taken backstage at the time we participated in the dramatic live (show) “Athena”.

In 2012 too, we’re going to put in even more effort than before so yoroshiku onegaishimasu [2].
Together with us, let’s make this a year of fun and happiness.

[1] He says バッター (batter/hitter) as in baseball.
[2] request for good relations, like “please be kind to me”.

credit for translation: crissan

credit for caps: minoutshine




[Trans] Sons of the Sun – Key wasn’t allowed to see David Guetta!

[Taemin’s POV]
Key: David Guetta! I really like this person! When is this? Whoa it’s the night before our leaving day! I certainly will go, don’t stop me, I certainly say I’ll go!
So, our last day, was the day when David Guetta, which is called as legend of DJ’s performance at the club. Key-hyung and I were very excited. But, we were detained at the entrance gate.
Girl in the front: Shorts are not allowed!
Then, Key-hyung took away Manager-hyung’s clothes and put it on on him.
Key: Is it allowed this time?
Girl in the front: No, these shoes aren’t allowed!
He then put on Manager-hyung’s shoes.
Key: Here’s the entrance fee!
Girl in the front: No, this t-shirt isn’t allowed!
Key: What did you say?
Key hyung was about to cry, honestly we just laughed and giggled at (that expression) him.
At the end, we just laid on the beach sand and gazed at the night sky.
Key hyung didn’t say anything.
Ah, don’t be sad! Hyung! Next time, we’ll certainly can see David Guetta!
That time, we’ll certainly see him!
Source/Translation: minhogoon@Livejournal, Weibo
Credit: SHINee Forums International (  via: dkpopnews

A small complication of JONGKEY couple words / moments….

This is complied by fans through various past UFO replies, Magazines & TV Interviews! JongKey Shippers, enjoy reading them! __________________________________________________________________

从以前到现在,唱歌一直都很好,跳舞很棒,有理由之下才会生气的,让人觉得“这个男生真棒”。 。这个人就是KEY~
From last time till now, his vocal is good; he can dance very well; he will not be easily angry; give everyone an impression that “This guy is really nice”… and he is KEY~

成员当中,如果要选一个交往,钟铉说他会选KEY当男朋友,因为KEY不只有很好的性格,而且还很诚实。 。
Among all the members, if want to choose one to date, Jonghyun said he will date Key because he has a good personality and he is honest..

Fan: Jonghyun ah, tell Key that you love him
Jonghyun: I have told him before already

Fan: Jonghyun Hyung, Between Taemin & Key, who will you choose?
Key: ME!

Onew: Key, stand beside me
Jonghyun: Don’t stand beside anyone, you are mine keke~

If you want to leave, I will go with you, I will not let you go keke~

“Because we are the best partner”

Key: In SHINee, the sexiest member is Jonghyun hyung!

KEY: 对我来说,我可以跟钟铉哥相处得很舒服。他是一个很亲的朋友。他聆听我的问题然后帮我很多,点出我的差错,尤其是在歌唱方面。钟铉和我都爱唱歌所以我们有共同的兴趣。我们可以沟通得很好,所以跟他在一起是最舒服,最自在的。
Q: Do you have anything to say to any of the members?
Key: To me, I feel comfortable with Jonghyun. He is my close friend. He listens to my trouble and helped me alot, tell me my mistakes, especially in singing. Both of us enjoy and love to sing. We communicate very well, I feel comfortable and free (being myself) when I am with him.

钟铉:(看着KEY)如果你有钱买礼物给泰民, 那你应该可以还我你之前欠我的钱~
At Taemin Birthday Party ~
(When Taemin is changing clothes backstage)
Key: Let’s talk~
Jonghyun: (Look at Key) If you have money to buy present for Taemin, then I am sure you have money to pay me back~
(Key pretend not to listen)
When Taemin is back, Jonghyun and Key were in their own topic. Taemin can’t stand it and push both of them aside.
Taemin: Please keep your personal conversation for later.


Q: KEY的优点?
Q: 弱点?
Q: What is Key’s good points?
Jonghyun: Key is a caring friend, he takes good care of us.
Q: Weakness?
Jonghyun: He nags alot.
Q: What is Jonghyun’s good points?
Key: He is always beside me, whenever I am looking for him, he will immediately be there.
Q: Weakness?
Key: I see him everyday, I feel annoyed.


(At Key’s Birthday Party~)
Minho: Wierd, why are both of you wearing couple tshirt?
Jonghyun: we like it ah
Key: Aren’t we cute?
(Key said he bought the white one, Jonghyun saw it in the dorm and felt that it looks good so he went to buy it)
Jonghyun: That day, I felt that the shirt is nice so I went to the store to buy the next day. The staff said Key bought the white one so I bought the black one.
Key: We will keep wearing it in the future.

Awwww~ JongKey is so SWEET!


Chinese Texts credits pplr @ SHWRadio 
English translation credits NINGZzhi

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk & SHINee’s Key release “Bravo” for ‘Salaryman Cho Han Ji’ OST

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk and SHINee‘s Key have teamed up to deliver an OST track for SBS‘s hit drama, ‘Salaryman Cho Han Ji‘!

Released on January 3rd, the SM labelmates’ pop song is called “Bravo“. It’s a refreshing track meant to encourage the listener to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles in their way in order to chase down their dream.

Check out the song below!

Source and Cr.: Allkpop